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  • TheGarzaPhoto
    Used $250 Marker

    TheGarza - Today, 01:04 AM

    So axe... or dm7/8

  • Woodyballer29Photo
    So I Like A Girl

    Woodyballer29 - Yesterday, 11:34 PM

    Well I just saw her today with her "boyfriend" I guess. He was also in that same math class so I'm sure they're just having a ball together. I think if I would have asked her at the beginning of th...

  • bigxPhoto
    So I Like A Girl

    bigx - Yesterday, 11:15 PM

    Kill him wear his skin. Problem solved. 

  • Curry PiPhoto
    My luck

    Curry Pi - Yesterday, 10:23 PM

    Dont forget to Wrap your barrel with your condomHaha

  • Curry PiPhoto
    Any Suggestions?

    Curry Pi - Yesterday, 10:22 PM

    Yeah i got 4 years at the minimum before i can enlist so i got time. But its more of whenever i transition to breath like the twist in front crawl i get water in my mouth or can't get a good enough...

  • Red InfinityPhoto
    Fuckin spanish

    Red Infinity - Yesterday, 09:32 PM

     Lol fuck highschool and it's nonsense. ( yes I was on the same boat until I just graduated this year :D luckily I didn't have to take a foreign language and I can honestly say dude, starting...

  • TDHunter99Photo
    Word Association

    TDHunter99 - Yesterday, 06:43 PM


  • XGC_CheevoPhoto
    Any Suggestions?

    XGC_Cheevo - Yesterday, 05:51 PM

    What do you mean taking breaths?  Like you struggle with keeping your head down while swimming and basically gasp for air the whole time like tarzan swimming/doggy paddle or you're front crawl...

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