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  • Cyco-DudePhoto

    i'll just add to what get.lit.up said; empire / kee has fantastic customer service in the event you have any issue.

  • Old Dude PBPhoto
    Tournament Markers

    Old Dude PB - Today, 01:46 PM

    Are you willing to buy a used marker, or must it be new?

  • smurfinator22Photo
    Tournament Markers

    smurfinator22 - Today, 01:25 PM

    what do you have for equipment right now? do you have a good mask? do you have a good tank? do you have a good loader? do you have pads? those are all things to consider before buying your first ma...

  • ogtmacPhoto
    Ninja Grey Ghost 68/45

    ogtmac - Today, 12:54 PM

    Bro I can do 115 local meet up tomorrow. I need this ASAP to play this weekend I'm gonna inbox you my number so we can work something out please respond ASAP

  • Irish725Photo

    I saw that, unfortunate, but its a huge thing for him. I wish him the best.

  • cockerpunkPhoto

    most barrels that have been new or refreshed since about 2009 have incorporated our work, either explicitly, or implicitly the empire sniper/cocker barrel kitPE stock barrelsGnB kit from TASLurker...

  • The RecballerPhoto

    I want get the best headphones for me. I listen primarily to EDM, which includes all types of house, Dubstep, DnB, Moombahton, Trap, Big Room, etc. I am looking for over the ear, closed back h...

  • MaganaPhoto
    Tournament Markers

    Magana - Today, 12:08 PM

    what are the best cheapest viable tournament level markers? is an eclipse etha or the 2011 proto rail a viable option? im looking for my 1st gun an although im new i am going to be playing in local...

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