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  • King SnowmanPhoto

    I'd fund a trip to living legends.It would have to be This ^ or The D-Day scenario game in Oklahoma. The Soldiers of Paint Documentary/Movie made it look wicked 

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto
    tips for friend

    BurningPlaydoh - Today, 10:44 AM

    Yeah theres really no point in thinking about tournaments until he gets over the fear of being shot first. It just takes time and will. You need t replace the fear of pain with being shot with n...

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  • LUXOR54Photo

    take off your pad pack and play with just a loader full. focus on movement and communication. when you do get further up the field you have to be able to play tight enough and snap well enough to w...

  • {Pb}AtracinPhoto
    Gog G1 Blackheart

    {Pb}Atracin - Today, 10:15 AM

    $200 USD shipped to Canada?

  • LUXOR54Photo
    Mini GS Upgrades ?

    LUXOR54 - Today, 10:14 AM

     Yep everything but the trigger because the old mini used a break beam trigger instead of a micro switch. Have they ever made like a boss Bolt for a mini?  i'm pretty sure almost all...

  • Colin CPhoto
    My scores on craigslist

    Colin C - Today, 09:33 AM

    Scored Empire E-Vent Mask and Scion Hopper for $139.99 (NEW) in a package from ansgear.

  • Colin CPhoto
    Extcy upgrades?

    Colin C - Today, 09:29 AM

    QEV: Allows the gun to shoot up to 25 bps Blackheart Board: Default shoots 13 bps with allot of different modes.

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