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  • nineteen5Photo
    New guy here

    nineteen5 - Today, 10:39 AM

    I would def go with the tank then the pinokio but as far as guns like chloric said used would be your best bet becuas even at 250-300 there are alot of more options used compared to new

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    New guy here

    ChloricName - Today, 10:36 AM

    If you want to buy used, the options open up for days.

  • pewpew95Photo
    New guy here

    pewpew95 - Today, 07:07 AM

    Currently looking at the first generation pinokio, seems to be with in my price range.i was also looking at the ninja 68/4500 in the ghost grey. As for a marker I haven't decided yet any recommenda...

  • andrewthewookiePhoto

    Linking BST outside BST Banned.

  • SPARTAN1147789Photo
    New guy here

    SPARTAN1147789 - Yesterday, 10:50 PM

    I would get the hopper next, as I find the rental air tanks are fine, sure the carbon fiber tanks are more comfortable. However, I prefer the consistency that a good hopper adds, my personal recomm...

  • TimedFormula8Photo

    Use Dow 33 or gr33se its the same ad the manufacturers and great for 90%of guns also don't use pellet gun lube!! How did you like the gog g1? Also on bad paintball break and you may have clogged th...

  • TommyB995Photo
    Lube/grease for my GoG G1

    TommyB995 - Yesterday, 09:39 PM

    On my first day using the G1, I was shooting a quick burst at someone and after shooting quite a few times, I realized nothing was coming out.  For the last game of that day I used a rental gu...

  • TimedFormula8Photo
    New guy here

    TimedFormula8 - Yesterday, 08:56 PM

    Tank I would get a 68ci 4500psi ninja tank (carbon fiber) for155$ or if possible a ninja superlite tank then a hopper! Also good job on the mask!👍 That's a great mask and will last a long t...

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