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  • r45vtPhoto
    Extcy upgrades?

    r45vt - Today, 09:09 PM

    Yea it was my bad shouldn't happen agian When I get better guns i prob use this as a backup Shit happens.  It will work fine.  Just use and enjoy it.   First thing to do t...

  • JawzPhoto
    What's the point?

    Jawz - Today, 09:03 PM

    Yea. I could still fuck everyone up though I'm just throwing that out there

  • JawzPhoto
    The car thread

    Jawz - Today, 09:01 PM

    Damn fucking right, while I'm at it how bout we revisit that airliner that's still missing.

  • Forrest99Photo

    Yo Forrest, how does 7th place feel?   Oooooh burn.Feels as good as 13 cups to what your 3?

  • Curry PiPhoto

    Curry Pi - Today, 08:59 PM

    Is it byop field? Cause i have to pay $60 for a box here. Yeah i understand you though.

  • kingJurzyPhoto

    kingJurzy - Today, 07:38 PM

    Here's the thing.. Who the hell cares.   Let people like what they want. People are scared of getting hit with a paintball more than a BB because they see the welts it leaves. P...

  • Curry PiPhoto

    Curry Pi - Today, 07:27 PM

    So we all know which is better and such but how do we get more people into paintball with such a big competitor as airsoft. My answer to this is lowering paint prices to compete with bb prices. So...

  • Justin B.Photo

    At rest, there are 8 potential leak points for a down the barrel leak. The first three outer can o-rings, the o-ring just in front of the threads on the ram section of the engine, the three o-rings...

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