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  • Panda's RevengePhoto

    In my walle.... oh you mean that kind of condom. Well in my pants pocket of course. Keeping it in your wallet is bad because that's how it does the bad I keep my condom in my pants.

  • King SnowmanPhoto

    ordering it friday for In Store Pickup.

  • SeanPB1029Photo
    Word Association

    SeanPB1029 - Today, 01:38 PM


  • unfated33Photo
    New to paintball again

    unfated33 - Today, 01:08 PM

    Both of Planet Eclipse's high-end models have started to transform the nature of the old "Spool vs. Poppet" argument.  The poppet model, EGO LV1, has a larger expansion chamber and lever-openi...

  • Old Dude PBPhoto

    It's a couple years old now, but I think the GoG eNMEy is the most interesting gun to come out in a while. Affordable, lightweight mech spoolie that can run on HPA or CO2.

  • shishkabobPhoto

    Hey guys so its been a long while since ive been on here, stopped playing for a few years while I was finishing up school.  However I am almost done now, meaning I should get a job that lets m...

  • bigxPhoto
    Questions about gear!

    bigx - Today, 10:17 AM

    New tanks are in the $140 range. You can get used ones with 3-4 years left on the original cycle for about $100ish  I highly reccomend making a PP account and buying used through eit...

  • Carolus RexPhoto

    In my walle.... oh you mean that kind of condom. Well in my pants pocket of course. 

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