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  • mehPhoto

    For an extra 25 bucks you can get a z2 over the halo too. I have both and they are both great. Just worth the mention as its alot easier to clean and maintain over the halo. 

  • tallsmallboy44Photo

    You're looking at the mask situation the wrong way. It should be your number one priority. As for a hopper I'd look at the JT Revolution or Tippmann SSL. As for a pack, it can be put off for a...

  • Bigman3Photo
    Soldiers of Paint

    Bigman3 - Today, 03:04 PM

    Has anyone seen the documentary about the Oklahoma D-day scenario game, Soldiers of Paint? I watched it on netflix. It's pretty cool.

  • Justin B.Photo

    I think that looks and sounds awesome! Aside from the Anno being a bit funky like tallsmallboy44 said. If it really does monitor shot to shot settings and change them for optimal performance, that'...

  • Colin CPhoto

    After More Consideration I have taken some of you advice: Marker: GOG eXCTy w/ Blackheart Board (Racer Red) - $199.99 Air System: 48/3000 Gerrilla Air (Shaped as a carbon fiber tank for c...

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    would it be too dark in the woods on a bit of a cloudy day? Well there isnt a lot of sunlight in either of those scenarios sooo

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    What do you mean it "dumped out on you"? Have you tried taking advantage of Empire's lifetime warranty on it?

  • cockerpunkPhoto

    yeah couple of rough prototypes there to take pics of  ... yikes bronc! that being said, the electronics sound awesome. there is serious untapped potential with sensors and modern computing i...

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