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  • LyxtwingPhoto

    Used is a great way to save some cash as long as the loader has no issues.  I have two used rotors and they work like they were factory fresh.  Not sure about spires, but I would assume t...

  • andrewthewookiePhoto
    Etha Bolt

    andrewthewookie - Today, 08:02 PM

    Is this happening with multiple tips, or is just one tip that keeps falling off? You might just need a new tip.

  • Im RenjohPhoto
    Etha Bolt

    Im Renjoh - Today, 07:24 PM

    Hello everyone! Lately i've been having problems with the rubber tip on the end of my etha bolt falling off. I'm not sure what it is so I came on the forum to ask, and also to check out the forum s...

  • DerontchiPhoto
    The Strikeloader

    Derontchi - Today, 04:44 PM

    Sounds great in theory, but in practice, probably not nearly as great. How much has the hopper REALLY hindered us other than aesthetically? We've come up with techniques that makes the hopper...

  • DerontchiPhoto

    Looks like a good series! Can't wait to watch!

  • DerontchiPhoto

    Looking at a used spire since I'm on a bit of a budget. What are your general thoughts on used loaders?

  • ZeroYeahYeahYeahPhoto
    Etha + J&J

    ZeroYeahYeahYeah - Today, 04:21 AM

    I'm looking to replace the stock barrel on a PE Etha. Would a CP or J&J be a noticeable upgrade? OR should I just stick to the stock barrel?

  • andrewthewookiePhoto
    Autococker Sr Help

    andrewthewookie - Yesterday, 10:25 PM

    I think pumzele over on customcockers was working on his own board a while back, and the screens he ordered looked like they could be replacements for SRs, but I don't remember if anything came of...

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