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  • KlubPhoto
    F***ing field paint

    Klub - Today, 02:34 PM

     1. My field doesn't really care2. Field paint is awful3. Field paint is overpricedI know fields that sell a case of formula 13 for $65 and are FPO.  Like what the actual fuck? ...

  • KlubPhoto
    *Test please ignore*

    Klub - Today, 02:29 PM

    Woo, i'm part of the worst generation in history! 

  • unfated33Photo
    *Test please ignore*

    unfated33 - Today, 02:26 PM

    Hey, no way we're making those jerks born in the 90's part of Generation X.  You've gotta squeeze something in between 1980 and 2000, and that's the lost generation of Y.

  • Curry PiPhoto
    What do you guys think?

    Curry Pi - Today, 02:25 PM

    Here is my setup and i was wondering if you guys could just help by pointing out things bout my gear, anything i should buy, sell, anything you would change. It is very budget minded since i'm fair...

  • unfated33Photo

    I think it looks more awesome the more I look at it. Is there an estimated price for these when they come out?Bronc and Ydna have previously said it would be between $1k and $1500.  I would be...

  • Curry PiPhoto

    i already have a gun for speedball from when i used to play, but would it be worth it to have the b5 serviced?I wouldn't think so. What speedball marker do you have? Just use that in the woods and...

  • Curry PiPhoto

    Get shot. I was shot point blank (bunkered) the first time i was every hit so that helped a lot cause you see so many people walking away crying after that happens and never coming back again.

  • Curry PiPhoto

    Yeah i'm just too poor.

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