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  • wtcolbyjenningsPhoto

    im interested in buying but can i pay the 30 and you pay the shipping my area code is 33901

  • bigxPhoto
    spoolie advice

    bigx - Today, 02:59 PM

    Plebs know nothing of spools. Buy a shocker put an eigen inside her and be done with it. 

  • bigxPhoto
    My scores on craigslist

    bigx - Today, 02:55 PM

    That is kinda a shitty deal. 

  • The-SniperPhoto
    Woodsball Stories

    The-Sniper - Today, 02:46 PM

    Sorry, been gone from the forums for a while.  I am using my custom MonsterSpin barrel system, which I came up with. It is a new style flatline with the shroud removed, and an apex 2 set...

  • KevinPhoto


  • unfated33Photo
    spoolie advice

    unfated33 - Today, 02:26 PM

    The Crossover uses the exact same operation as the Etha (They're literally the exact same design concept), except the Crossover is less sophisticated. And PE calls the Etha a "pull poppet spool." S...

  • P.A.NPhoto

    P.A.N - Today, 01:54 PM

    Hey Techpb. I have been playing paintball for 2 years. Half of that time was spent mostly playing airball and a little woodsball, but lately I have just been playing woodsball except for the occasi...

  • King SnowmanPhoto
    Living Legends 8

    King Snowman - Today, 01:07 PM

    Time To start Saving. I Really Would Like to go to this event at least Once. And if its as awesome as I think it is i will definitely be going again

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