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  • TK-421Photo
    The Techpb Gun Club

    TK-421 - Today, 02:36 AM

     does anyone else love dedicated 9mm rifles as much as i do? especially the ones that run off glock mags If I want a rifle, it's going to be in a rifle caliber. If I want to use a pistol...

  • bigxPhoto
    The Techpb Gun Club

    bigx - Yesterday, 09:36 PM

    I havent really looked into it much but that is slowly growing on me. Having a rifle and a sidearm that both run the same magazines and ammunition is a huge plus in my book.

  • TDHunter99Photo
    The Techpb Gun Club

    TDHunter99 - Yesterday, 05:32 PM

     does anyone else love dedicated 9mm rifles as much as i do? especially the ones that run off glock mags

  • aaply.25Photo
    Autococker Trilogy Leak

    aaply.25 - Yesterday, 04:47 PM

    I've taken out the ram and the barb fittings attached to the ram. I started plugging the holes where the barb fittings would normally be, with my finger. I found that that the ram shaft doesn't qui...

  • imped4nowPhoto
    Best woodsball guns

    imped4now - Yesterday, 04:11 PM

    The "best woodsball gun" is not one of those under-performing, huge, heavy guns. If you want your game to improve, don't handicap yourself with something like that. 

  • Vrose02Photo
    Tuning stock class cocker

    Vrose02 - Yesterday, 12:42 PM

    I have an empire sniper completley stock class running off 12 grams. I get around 17-20 shots per 12 gram i was wondering if there was any specific way to tune it to get more shots? Is there a part...

  • TimedFormula8Photo
    Best woodsball guns

    TimedFormula8 - Yesterday, 12:00 PM

    Or a fog extcy for 234$on ansgear as of checking yesterday they work great and have eyes,regulator and multiple firing modes.

  • TimedFormula8Photo

    Sorry autocorrect said muslim instead of milsim and speedball internals are eyes, and easier on paint unlike a 98 or a5 which are super hard on paint.

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