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  • mustangsPhoto
    Jt impulse?

    mustangs - Today, 03:41 AM

    Anybody have any experience with this marker? On paper it doesn't seem too bad for its new price. Some have considered it to be as smooth as an lv1 or G6r. Hard to believe that but lol just wonderi...

  • Cyk101Photo
    MacDev 45/4500

    Cyk101 - Today, 12:41 AM

    Consider, a 68/4500 hpa tank would give you the same number of shots as a 20 oz co2 tank. I'd keep looking around for a used 68/4500 which you can find for around 100-120. If you're lucky you migh...

  • Cyk101Photo

    Isn't the C2 Eyon the updated, legal version of the Angel Eyes? It is an ugly mask. Unless I'm doing a Guyver cosplay,  I'll stick with my Profilers. +1 for the reference. I loved that movie.

  • mustangsPhoto

    Oh I love my profilers lol but I guess I would want a more aggressive looking mask even though it's not needed lol

  • LyxtwingPhoto

    The promaster was all the rage back when it came out.  They have a great deal of advantages over a kaos (electronic, eyes, regulator).  If you can get one for even close to the same price...

  • LyxtwingPhoto

    If you are nervous about buying used you could go somewhere like trademygun and get a used marker with a warranty.  They have three DM12s on there right now.  You'll pay a bit more than b...

  • Old Dude PBPhoto

     ...most people in paintball are kids and they aren't selling the gun because its the best most perfectly working thing they have ever had...  There is a flip side to this, which is...

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    It doesnt take too much effort to buy from an adult, professional seller. I have bought every single one of my markers used and havent had a single problem yet because I got pictures, shooting vide...

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