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  • TDHunter99Photo
    Word Association

    TDHunter99 - Today, 06:43 PM


  • XGC_CheevoPhoto
    Any Suggestions?

    XGC_Cheevo - Today, 05:51 PM

    What do you mean taking breaths?  Like you struggle with keeping your head down while swimming and basically gasp for air the whole time like tarzan swimming/doggy paddle or you're front crawl...

  • LyxtwingPhoto
    Used $250 Marker

    Lyxtwing - Today, 05:34 PM

    I prefer spool but poppet is fine as well. I'm mostly leaning towards the dms or an axe. The only thing im worried about with the dms is finding replacement parts. Will this be hard? I heard dye wi...

  • Curry PiPhoto
    Any Suggestions?

    Curry Pi - Today, 04:37 PM

    Tried, my instructor says i'm a pretty strong swimmer its just i have trouble taking breaths. I might be able to start again this winter though.

  • Hitman2513Photo
    Used $250 Marker

    Hitman2513 - Today, 04:14 PM

    Bob Long Vice :TUP: inb4 Axe (plus cash) :lol:

  • Hitman2513Photo
    Fuckin spanish

    Hitman2513 - Today, 04:12 PM

    We did have faith from April to this November that just past actually :( we had 3 gigs, all of which were voluntarily with another band I had friends with, not one of the gigs even gave us enough f...

  • the  VampirePhoto

    Yeah that's the Hero4, he has the Hero1im guessing you didnt read it. it talks about the hero 1 and how they came out with it this year, as a lower priced gopro.

  • XGC_CheevoPhoto
    Heavy Metal Fan Club

    XGC_Cheevo - Today, 03:58 PM

    Found this in the depths of youtube a while back and thought I'd share it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb5QaCfm7bg And this - start at 2:24https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDcBKVKQizg

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