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  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    BurningPlaydoh - Today, 11:38 PM

    Depending on how their practice is set up it may not be aa simple as just jumping in to open play. They may be figuring on what lines they will run, etc. See if you can get in contact with someon...

  • wtcolbyjenningsPhoto

    ok thats fine i will buy it 

  • bigxPhoto
    Tree standing.

    bigx - Today, 11:04 PM

    I want to bunker this douchebag with my PGP. 

  • o0 slender 0oPhoto

    So do you think its a good deal for 600? Heard nothing but good things about it but never really thought about picking one up until this new price

  • bigxPhoto

    bigx - Today, 10:59 PM

    Best way to get better at anything is to viciously get your ass beat again and again until you improve. 

  • bigxPhoto
    JT impulse price drop?

    bigx - Today, 10:57 PM

    Because it has a JT name on a gun designed by SP built on SP machines and otherwise a great shooter. Its biggest detriments are the lack of aftermarket parts ie triggers and such and the JT name it...

  • Gadget SoldierPhoto

     What:First Annual Peace Fund GamesWhere:SC Village, Chino, CAWhen:November 8 and 9  Pricing:General Admission: $70 (Includes viewing of the Nov. 8th tournament and admission to part...

  • r45vtPhoto

    r45vt - Today, 10:51 PM

    you could go and play one session with the div 1 guys who knows, you could be able to hold your own against them and if anything, it would be a learning experience because 1) you have to train your...

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