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  • Old Dude PBPhoto

    Generally, stock class usually means a 12-gram CO2 cartridge for gas, and a horizontal gravity stick feed for paint. Open class is everything else, including big tanks and high capacity hoppers.

  • tallsmallboy44Photo

    Stock class-stick feed and 12grams Open class-Any hopper and tank you want

  • Pvlacrosse14Photo

    So, not just here but pretty much everywhere people have been looking for advice on a pump an someone has said "it's stock class vs open class". What does this mean? What are the differences? What...

  • Garver89Photo
    Dye Nt11 F/S/T

    Garver89 - Today, 06:24 AM

    It's already sold. Sorry. But I have a bob long vcom that I'm going to be putting up.

  • get.lit.up!Photo

    The ST2 is a significant feature of the 3, you can shoot retardedly brittle paint with it. And yet you can't put the ST2 into a 2 without shooting the damn tip out all the time, and unsafe to put i...

  • JG3ballerPhoto
    Looking for etek

    JG3baller - Yesterday, 11:40 PM

    i have an e-tek 4 for sale with ultralight barrel

  • jaronabramPhoto
    Looking for etek

    jaronabram - Yesterday, 11:12 PM

    Also willing to trade my G4, refer to my FS post for more info

  • bigxPhoto
    Pawn Shop Finds

    bigx - Yesterday, 11:08 PM

    There are no pawnshops in my city the only ones local to me specialize in jewelry and precious metals.  The only legit pawnshop is in Lynn... If you know anything about Mass it is you nev...

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