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  • r45vtPhoto
    HK Army...

    r45vt - Today, 01:26 AM

    HK speed feed is is great but you pay for it.  

  • Orange ChickenPhoto
    best lube for spoolie

    Orange Chicken - Yesterday, 11:48 PM

    So I'm a marketer for GoG exclusively selling the eNMEy's and have also been a solid owner of the eNMEy since it came out. From what I found with most markers, including the eNMEy, that it's normal...

  • SteephillPhoto
    What has changed in TechPB?

    Steephill - Yesterday, 11:41 PM

    Slowed down. People got banned, people left since their friends were gone, more people left since it just got slow, servers went down for a long time, people just never really came back. Pretty muc...

  • Proflex95Photo

    Hey guys need help sizing for pants and elbow pads I'm 5'9 188lbs waist size 36-38 what sizes should I get

  • lukylovespaintballinPhoto

    I havent been on for a long time, and i was wondering, other than the format, what has really changed in the forum?

  • OFWGKTA666Photo

    Absolutely love the song...

  • KlubPhoto

    Klub - Yesterday, 11:02 PM

    big company sponsorships are useless, unless you're higher divisional or pro.  The best idea is to offer to help ref/setup/clean or whatever at a field, and see if you can become their ho...

  • KlubPhoto
    HK Army...

    Klub - Yesterday, 10:58 PM

    I had a team jersey designed through hk, looked good, actually one of the better jerseys I've had, and it was fairly cheap.  Don't have alot of experience in anything other than that and...

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