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  • raguPhoto

    Yeah that always bugged me why the race to upgrade visual quality when audio is still stero, I guess it doesn't mater for me forced to use a stereo1080/720 camera but still.  I can't even...

  • PREDATOR 47Photo

      Ego 7 is a much better gun than the g4, in terms or reliability, consistensy, efficiency, accuracy, etc. Stick with the Ego and you will be happy. Careful now... The accuracy wolf...

  • SeanPB1029Photo
    Fail Videos Thread

    SeanPB1029 - Today, 03:32 PM


  • Hayden DenhayPhoto
    Fail Videos Thread

    Hayden Denhay - Today, 02:56 PM

    That has to be the best damn video i have seen in a long time.

  • Hayden DenhayPhoto

    I have not.    would you buy an Ion just to make me happy?

  • Hayden DenhayPhoto

    Hayden Denhay - Today, 02:49 PM

    If you are open to buying other hoppers you can pick up a used rotor for a good price. My problem with the Z2s is the speed feeds, Ive seen so many friends lose hoppers of paint cause it pops open.

  • Hayden DenhayPhoto

    A few years ago me and my buddy were launching some model rockets off in a field(the ones we have now are much bigger) and one got stuck on the launch pad. The launch plate is a solid piece of meta...

  • Hayden DenhayPhoto

    Grab some red bulls and pull an all nighter. only time you should go to sleep is if you are going paint balling the next day anyway.

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