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  • CookybiscuitPhoto
    co2 VS hpa tanks?

    Cookybiscuit - Today, 07:17 PM

    I keep seeing a lot about how making the switch from co2 to hpa is an immediate necessity because co2 is so inconsistent and can screw with your gun because of the cold. My main reasons for as...

  • NFL0109Photo

    Thanks I got the PM and I logged in my orginal account and I changed my password.  Thanks What do I have to do to get my email changed?

  • ScaryfatkidGTPhoto

    So I think this is going to be the mask I get but they use to come in all sorts of colors and now they seem hard to find and the color kits are few and far between and usually on clearenc on most o...

  • josborne024Photo

    Right now my gun is stock . My dwell is stock and I tuned the gun like mike said and the asa reads around 165 psi and shoots 280-285 . All stock but a dye ultralight barrel 680 bore with empire mar...

  • ScaryfatkidGTPhoto

    Ummmmm pretty much what you said. It's a pinokio with a different shell ha

  • ScaryfatkidGTPhoto
    Setup Advice

    ScaryfatkidGT - Today, 06:59 PM

    Yeah go mask first, then tank or hopper probably hopper first idk? But don't put anymoney into the damn Tippman just sell it to someone should be pretty easy then my recomendations cheapest to most...

  • tallsmallboy44Photo
    Bob Long

    tallsmallboy44 - Today, 06:56 PM

    Holy shit! Lying in paintball? What a new fucking concept!  :dodgy:  Paintball manufacturers lie. Get over it. 

  • ScaryfatkidGTPhoto
    Tournament Markers

    ScaryfatkidGT - Today, 06:55 PM

    Honestly you don't need a DM or ego I'm pretty sure a Reflex Rail, Etha, Axe or Etek would do just fine. Even a GOG extcy black heart world work? I don't see why not. Then id get a GOOD hopper...

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