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  • 43nighthawks43Photo

    I'm getting a Dangerous Power G5 and wondering why air tank I should use for under a hundred dollars

  • ChloricNamePhoto

    Guns can't be more accurate then others.

  • CrispyCreamPhoto
    Invert Mini

    CrispyCream - Today, 06:42 AM

    first of. the invert mini GS or regular. the reguar is not worth it and is not really good. get a proto matrix or something. and you should get an invert halo or anything higher. and you need an hp...

  • AFKGamerDadPhoto

    Hello all , first off Love Mike's Video's thats why i'm here! So That being said, I'm a returning player. haven't played in a bout 10 years , not my by choice. Got married, had kids, live in C...

  • JawzPhoto
    Best loader for around $100

    Jawz - Yesterday, 04:05 PM

      Great thanks!    I will strongly consider the Z2. For the price point it appears to be a well made, reliable hopperI had a Z2 once, it caught fire.     No seriously...

  • imped4nowPhoto
    gog Enmey's low force bolt

    imped4now - Yesterday, 03:38 PM

    The Clone or DM will be just fine....the Clone runs on a pretty low pressure and has a small sail area so the force will be small. Just push your finger back against the bolt head prior to pulling...

  • bigxPhoto
    Biulding a shocker

    bigx - Yesterday, 02:22 PM

    As long as the noid is good might as well scoop it if its cheep.  My build started as a stock SFT only stock parts left on it is the guide, sleeve, noid inserts noid and manifold. 

  • Rolly'sPaintballFieldPhoto
    Invert Mini

    Rolly'sPaintballField - Yesterday, 12:32 PM

    Hey guys, ive been playing paintball for awhile and i have bought some stuff. I have a JT E-Kast (electronic), an eletronic hopper, amd working my way to an HPA tank. I wanted to know if an Invert...

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