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  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    I just dont get the appeal really. I mean if someone wants to do this on their own, play stock class or mag fed thays great. Im glad they enjoy limiting their paint usage and finding a different...

  • Baux18Photo
    Night Owl's Club

    Baux18 - Today, 01:59 PM

    the fact that morgan is a chat mod is fucking hilarious i might as well be one too  ;)

  • Baux18Photo
    What Happened?!

    Baux18 - Today, 01:55 PM

    Ever since the database crash that put us offline for a few weeks, and the loss of the old chat we've pretty much been slow. We consolidated slow/unused subforums so there should be fewer higher tr...

  • Justin B.Photo

    So one of the magnets on my victory came out I noticed today and I'm not sure what type of glue to use. It's the magnet on the engine itself not the back cap. I have modeling glue that is fully cur...

  • The Rec-Baller 217Photo

    Planet Eclipse pads are what I've been using, IMO they are great, they are hard enough to protect you in dives and slides, but soft enough to give you those bounces in games even when the other tea...

  • The Rec-Baller 217Photo

    Greatest thing ever made for paintball other then the paintball mask...  I bring 15 but only play with 4, so i can replace any that i lose or give them to teammates that i trust to return...

  • Justin B.Photo

    Well if you all like caddies then I hate them... :P Jk, I love mine and I agree, it's one of the best things I've spent money on in paintball. I have a GXG one that I got on sale for like $8 o...

  • LUXOR54Photo
    New Scenario type?

    LUXOR54 - Today, 12:52 PM

     The people and fields that put on scenarios still need to make money, and limited paint isn't exactly a good way to do that. http://www.paintballimpact.com/games/musketball.htmlI see but...

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