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    And the winner of my sub goes to.................... You!! Great vid love it! I will love to go next year maybe we can squad up! Ps. I am going my first big game so any recommendations on what to...

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    HK Army...

    sorawiz23 - Today, 07:26 AM

    Welcome to advertising and consumerism. Enjoy your stay. BurningPlaydoh this is so true!

  • sorawiz23Photo

    just an fyi not my post. but for real how could you want 1k for just those.   He can want all he wants.... I can't even sell my close to mint geo 2.1 for that. To each his own i guess.

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    Autococker trouble

    nineteen5 - Today, 07:10 AM

    I won't reanno it now but I'm using this a base for a project pump gun. I'm planing on new grips, ASA, macro fittings, and new barrel so once I have all those plus a pump kit I will either get it h...

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    I would if I could but I am only 13. Would you tell if you can find a job?

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    HK Army...

    r45vt - Today, 01:26 AM

    HK speed feed is is great but you pay for it.  

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    best lube for spoolie

    Orange Chicken - Yesterday, 11:48 PM

    So I'm a marketer for GoG exclusively selling the eNMEy's and have also been a solid owner of the eNMEy since it came out. From what I found with most markers, including the eNMEy, that it's normal...

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