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  • Toxin PBPhoto
    Jersey Size Help :(

    Toxin PB - Today, 11:35 PM

    ^If you go with valken get the redemptions, iv ripped out my fair share of jerseys (Snake player) and the redemption s held up good.

  • get.lit.up!Photo

    If stacked tubes are your jam then go for it... Personally I sold my 2012 g6r and Ego 11 before my axe.

  • get.lit.up!Photo

    Tried messing with the manual mode a bit more. Btw I'm using a point and shoot.

  • xoxKCxoxPhoto
    Jersey Size Help :(

    xoxKCxox - Today, 10:50 PM

    Thanks for the advice guys. Much appreciated... A new store just opened up that was in reasonable driving distance, so I decided to check it out. They ended up finding 1 jersey that was a size...

  • scpb5696Photo

    I do a lot of Photo and video stuff with my friends some pointers i would givenatural light or at least use a lamp and some sort of diffuserthe focus on the first shot is sharp on the back cap but...

  • JawzPhoto

     Vep is still open but the field is about 300 times better and Medina bought it from Sgt splatters. The place is generally the best place to go balling anywhere around Toronto, I'd be down to...

  • smyiPhoto
    Best price for axe used?

    smyi - Today, 10:27 PM

    No. I have seen Ego 11s and 2011 G6rs dip into the $400s WAY better than the Axe Imo.  yea i was thinking about the ego 11 or axe

  • bigxPhoto
    Best price for axe used?

    bigx - Today, 10:21 PM

    No. I have seen Ego 11s and 2011 G6rs dip into the $400s WAY better than the Axe Imo. 

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