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  • Bigclay11Photo
    Like New GOG eXTCy

    Bigclay11 - Today, 04:59 PM


  • The RecballerPhoto

    I still haven't applied to any colleges yet. But the Naval Academy has a crazy different process.

  • Justin B.Photo

    Ok, thanks everyone! I will try to experiment with some other software and maybe post some more options in the poll later! Anyone have recommendations for free software or online sites?

  • FreeEnterprisePhoto

    They are all too long, as the others have said. 5 seconds max... Here is one of my intros. 5 seconds exactly, You don't have to tell people that this is your youtube channel.. They already cli...

  • bowmastaPhoto
    10 rd tubes

    bowmasta - Today, 01:11 PM

    I would go with open class. If you aren't used to doing a full on Stock class loadout your going to have a hard time. You ARE going to lose tubes, and you don't know how it shoots yet so...

  • Carolus RexPhoto

    Y is everyone leaving? First Nobben, then Carolous, now you? "Leave" is such a strong word. I'd rather say i'm not abusing this site like smack like i used to.

  • Carolus RexPhoto

    If I were to pick one, it would probably be number two. That being said, i think intros should be at most 5 seconds long. Here are some examples of intros done right. https://www.youtube.com/w...

  • Orange ChickenPhoto

    ^^exactly bigxGOG eNMEy with a deadlywinds null and my Ninja SL 68/4500. If I had a primo I'd put that on it too, but I'm using my Z2 loader instead.

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