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  • CrispyCreamPhoto

    okay thanks guys. i do have some killer asthma so i am getting the profilers

  • CrispyCreamPhoto

    Like hitman said. the guns are like apples and oranges. spools and poppets. i seem to like the drone 2 because of the price and the trigger, the etek has a trigger that feels like its rubbing again...

  • CrispyCreamPhoto
    Etek 5 vs Used Geo 2

    CrispyCream - Today, 12:00 PM

    this is probably quite late but as pvlacrosse said you can get the iv core, the trigger is alot better. teh etek trigger is some wierd trigger rubbing against composite and the board does switch mo...

  • slinkyarooPhoto
    Raw Steel Tank

    slinkyaroo - Today, 11:13 AM

    Some may be powder coated or painted. PC is more durable while paint peels. If you anno you clear coat and since the tank expands it may not be a good idea. Btw. Who annos steel?

  • HydrodiggerPhoto

    Hello I'm looking for a blue pre 2k autococker frame and a blue regulator no specific kind, open to see what everybody has. Thanks

  • Hitman2513Photo
    Raw Steel Tank

    Hitman2513 - Today, 03:52 AM

    paint thinner? Awesome idea but will damage the actual tank?

  • TimedFormula8Photo

    I'm being honest here I know from experience I started off with stud like that when I could have gotten way better for the price it depends on how you spend the money and how hard you look. For ex...

  • acidonanglesPhoto

    Also a used rotor is going to be better and possibly cheaper than a halo.What one do you recommend? Never mind. *face palm*

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