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  • Colin CPhoto

    You can get the Empire Axe its really nice, but if you didn't know empire offers a lifetime warranty so let them know and they will fix your gun.

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  • halofanPhoto
    tips for friend

    halofan - Today, 07:35 PM

    Me and my friends have been trying to get are friend into speedball for a while and we've seen play a couple times and he is having a hard time. For example when gets off the break he holds the gun...

  • Justin B.Photo

    so does this fight happen often on other threads with these gents? This is not a personal attack against the Recballer but yes, he tends to fight with people and so do some other users. ...

  • unfated33Photo

    Eh, you see certain themes with certain people that comment.  Which is why a secondary piece of advice is to always do a search for similar threads (new marker, which marker, etc.) to see if t...

  • King SnowmanPhoto

    so does this fight happen often on other threads with these gents?

  • Pvlacrosse14Photo

    Why go for the mediocrity of a mini when he could get an axe or an etek BNIB?   New: Etek 4 Used: DM12-13 You should at least take the time to know what you are talking about before you post...

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    A few things OP, you dint need a new barrel, the Axe will be as dependae as the Etek and yes you could get a used high end marker in your price range but I would suggest seeing if you have paint ba...

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