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  • paintballer999Photo

    Mike has really good gameplay as well as team insanity, wolf, and alabasterslim but you can find good gameplay really by just searching paintball gameplay.I remember subscribing to team insanity wh...

  • Cyco-DudePhoto

    well, you can find some tips on mike's techpb youtube channel . also, dangerman has a bunch of pointers on his youtube channel; check those out as well.

  • Cyco-DudePhoto
    Ninja vs Guerrilla

    Cyco-Dude - Today, 01:47 AM

    Should i sell my guerrilla 68/45 (which is  beat up) in exchange for a ninja dura tank (size unknown yet)? sure, if the ninja tank you're getting is newer. i'm a fan of the plain steel ni...

  • Cyco-DudePhoto

    how do i snapshoot...poorly! haha!! practice makes perfect, i guess. :p

  • Cyco-DudePhoto

    bah, forget that you can get an automag for around $100 and it'll be better in every way except maybe weight. throw on an old viewloader revvy (can be had used for about $25) and you're good to go....

  • btbam006Photo

    Well, they are brand new and they fit very tightly, couldn't imagine them slipping, so it must've just been some bad paint. I am extremely happy it's all fixed now and I can go play! Thanks again f...

  • get.lit.up!Photo

    Or you can buy Empire vidar... #problemsolved

  • MogiPhoto
    Best Paintball Youtube Channels?

    Mogi - Yesterday, 09:24 PM

     I don't think we can post our own. ;) I haven't been updating lately but I do put up stuff every once in a while.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrJmYfsSZMM https://www.youtube.com/...

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