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  • andrewthewookiePhoto

    Dye's bank got in a dispute with them, so Dye switched banks. The bank started being a little bitch and contacted Dye's dealers behind their backs to try and scam their way back into money from Dye...

  • Justin B.Photo

    Not bad, but I think my team jersey wins. :P http://www.techpb.com/forum/topic/189975-techpb-staff-jersey-preview/ Nice, that's pretty cool! My jersey has that canvas like material on the...

  • TK-421Photo

    Not bad, but I think my team jersey wins. :P http://www.techpb.com/forum/topic/189975-techpb-staff-jersey-preview/

  • get.lit.up!Photo
    Dye out of business?

    get.lit.up! - Today, 08:30 PM

    Some bank shit is going down. You know there are issues if they selling stock to their dealers for a fraction of Empire shit

  • JawzPhoto
    The car thread

    Jawz - Today, 07:44 PM

    pls no h8 m8 but, im 14 and have been working with my dad on a bmw that i will drive when it is all fixed up. It is so must fun lol.just changed out the cattys on it today. bttw It is a 1995 bmw 54...

  • imped4nowPhoto
    jt impulse vs ego 11

    imped4now - Today, 07:36 PM

    Impulse has the better board (OLED, extremely easy to navigate and see, extremely simple)Impulse is lighterEfficiency will be similar but the Impulse should be able to beat it out by a little bitIm...

  • ShicklinPhoto
    jt impulse vs ego 11

    Shicklin - Today, 07:30 PM

    I held both of them and I liked the impulse Better. It just melted into my hand so I was leaning towards that one because of comfort and price.

  • SeanPB1029Photo
    jt impulse vs ego 11

    SeanPB1029 - Today, 07:20 PM

    100% agreed Hitman.

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