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  • ChloricNamePhoto

    Yeah I'd go for a used. I am leaning more towards a speedball marker, but I want to find one that performs well but can be easily maintained. I would prefer that I don't have to strip it apart eve...

  • ChloricNamePhoto

    Is it more of a spoolie or a poppet tho? Efficient?

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    Hpa question?

    ChloricName - Today, 08:46 PM

    Yeah, it is imo. Sooooo heavy though.

  • ChloricNamePhoto

    Better paint.

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    Equiptment Advice

    ChloricName - Today, 08:45 PM

    Today, I saw i4s in irl they are TINY. Proflexes appear to be th cheapest highennd mask there are so check them out.

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    Remote Line

    ChloricName - Today, 08:44 PM

    Yep, remote line makes me feel unbalanced, but I also have a speedball marker so it changes thinfs

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    Best woodsball guns

    ChloricName - Today, 08:43 PM

    No gun is more accurate than another. Mods won't get you that far. Range is all the same unless you have a flat line or apex barrel. A-5 is the better of the three by I think yiu will find better o...

  • aaply.25Photo
    Autococker Trilogy Leak

    aaply.25 - Today, 06:08 PM

    Hello Tech PB, I'm new to this website and the sport in general, and have recently purchased a used autococker trilogy sport. After attaching a CO2 tank, I  hear a hissing sound from wher...

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