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  • Yankee PaintballPhoto
    Did it die?

    Yankee Paintball - Today, 07:59 AM

    It's really been circling the drain even since this thread was started. I hope everyone is outside playing paintball. There's 2 people on now including me  and I'm old and outside the target d...

  • Yankee PaintballPhoto

    Have you tried different paint?  It's possible you're getting a ball and a portion of the next one in the stack if it's a small paint.  Are there any burrs or marring on the face of the bolt? 

  • FreeEnterprisePhoto
    Woodsball Stories

    FreeEnterprise - Today, 06:37 AM

    I like to tell my stories with video!  This was such a fun game, the refs split us up old guys vs young gunz. They had over 100 players, vs our 50, no way a bunch of old men could win aga...

  • kingJurzyPhoto
    Budget pant+jersey

    kingJurzy - Today, 03:15 AM

    You don't need a jersey. Anything baggy and lightweight will do. For pants go all out that is unless you don't want to make babies in the future.

  • ClayCallisonPhoto
    Budget pant+jersey

    ClayCallison - Today, 02:15 AM

    Hockey jerseys are almost the same as paintball jerseys except they are made to keep you warm on the ice, not cool in the heat.  I would recommend Invert pants and an Invert jersey they are su...

  • 18cablwPhoto
    Budget pant+jersey

    18cablw - Today, 02:04 AM

    Just wondering what the best budget pants would be don't need anything high end, also wondering if it's ok to just wear an old hockey jersey for now.

  • 18cablwPhoto

    Just wondering if there are any fellow okotokians on this forum?

  • WiiMintPhoto

    < I learned this drill from Ronnie Dizon on Houston Heat and put my own little twist on it >  1. Fill your pods with rocks and carry as many pods as you can in your pod pack. 2. Use...

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