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  • HarryPhoto

    Ill be blunt. That is a terrible way to pick which gun to buy. Doing that you could end up with a marker that feels super uncomfortable to you or that you arent confident doing the maintenance on,...

  • HarryPhoto

    I got rid of the rail because I didn't like the triggerWhat did you expect? It's a plastic trigger. It's not going to be very good.

  • protorail101Photo
    The car thread

    protorail101 - Today, 02:49 PM

    pls no h8 m8 but, im 14 and have been working with my dad on a bmw that i will drive when it is all fixed up. It is so must fun lol.just changed out the cattys on it today. bttw It is a 1995 bmw 54...

  • protorail101Photo

    protorail101 - Today, 02:31 PM

    Before I got all my paintball stuff about a month ago, I played airsoft. I played for almost 3 years. I turned 13 and saved all my money and for my 13th birthday I bought myself a polarstar. A pola...

  • ShicklinPhoto

    I got rid of the rail because I didn't like the trigger

  • ImmortalPhoto
    Word Association

    Immortal - Today, 02:10 PM

    New Jersey

  • GerArdMxPhoto

    So I have this tank but I can't find the DOT number anywhere just wanna know if this is normal. Thanks

  • rawrtyrosaurPhoto

    A question for everyone: How far do you, personally, do you want to take paintball?  Are you a rec player that wants to start playing tournaments? Maybe get on a team and go up throu...

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