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  • Forrest99Photo
    tippmann pro lite?

    Forrest99 - Today, 08:29 AM

    I think they were designed to run on propane? please correct me if I'm wrong

  • CookybiscuitPhoto

    Who would have thought a plastic mirrored surface would get scratched? 

  • vrptstylyPhoto

    You can only find them used now really, try pbnation Yea, I'm ok with that. They're non exsistant new anyways. I put something up over there, but no luck. It's not pressing so hopefully someth...

  • Forrest99Photo

    Forrest99 - Today, 06:43 AM

    He doesn't owe you anything really at all. I've had plenty of times where people have plugged me for a local deal. I'm sure given the chance we would all rather do local than CONUS shipping. It's j...

  • mustangsPhoto

    Yup it's still available

  • PBxSwAgPhoto

    PBxSwAg - Today, 02:59 AM

    OK so i worked really hard to get this vlocity off ebay, and i get the money, have my parents order it, then the F@#King douchebag emails us, telling me it has already been sold outside of ebay. RE...

  • OFWGKTA666Photo
    tippmann pro lite?

    OFWGKTA666 - Today, 02:20 AM

    Well I get to use it this weekend! I don't know if I'll buy it/keep it but it looks fun. 

  • Cyk101Photo
    tippmann pro lite?

    Cyk101 - Today, 02:14 AM

    http://paintball.tippmann.com/blog/bid/323950/Tippmann-Paintball-Marker-History Made in 1992, first one made by Tippmann using computer aided design.

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