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  • Old Dude PBPhoto

    There isn't a single answer. The Profiler has the best coverage, especially in the ear and jaw areas. The Proflexes are the most breathable, the least echo-y/boomy, and the most customizable. Proba...

  • epinemaPhoto

    Sorry to do this to you guys but knowledge is key!  Would anyone be able to help me with mask suggestions?  I have a pretty fair idea of what I'm looking for but the range of masks here i...

  • TechPB-WilliePhoto

    Profilers, Pro-Flex, Events but as suggested looking and trying them all on to see which fits and feels the best is really the best option. This is your vision and you do not want to skimp on this.

  • Orange ChickenPhoto

    ^^^That especially(first to give that advice) The best mask you can have is the one that feels the best to you. Do not skimp on mask

  • zizzlerPhoto
    Quitting sale!

    zizzler - Today, 02:35 PM

    would you do 75 for the barrel kit?

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    Go to a shop. Try on EVERY mask. Don't even look at the price tag. Buy which ever one feels the best on your face. It doesn't matter if it costs $5, or $135. The mask is the most important thing yo...

  • PBxSwAgPhoto
    Kingman Chasers

    PBxSwAg - Today, 01:33 PM

    i will buy the guns off ans, but paint and everything else is so much cheaper straight from kingman.

  • PBxSwAgPhoto
    Kingman Chasers

    PBxSwAg - Today, 01:30 PM

    You could always just save more money for the TiPX pistols or the T8.1 pistols, there both .68 caliber and have many different things you can add to them. One being a bigger mag to hold more paintW...

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