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  • TreazonPhoto
    Dye i4 slightly painful

    Treazon - Today, 10:01 PM

    So embarrassingly I noticed I didn't have one of my lens clips pushed in all the way.. made a big difference. Thanks for all the help guys 

  • Paintball_1313Photo
    Setup Advice

    Paintball_1313 - Today, 09:54 PM

    I just got into paintball and my dads friend gave me a setup as follows Tippmann 98 custom20oz Co2 tank200 round gravity hopperRandom maskRandom pod pack I want to start upgrading and I'm...

  • rider700Photo

    Hey everybody, I bet none of you remember me since I haven't posted on here in about a year or two! It's been just as long since I've played paintball now and my old HPA tank is now out of hydro (I...

  • paintballer999Photo


  • mehPhoto

    meh - Today, 09:28 PM

    He wont budge. I'll put my money towards a g6r

  • nineteen5Photo

    it depends on what you are looking to do. If you want non stop action and fast respawns then go to LL. if you want slower more lengthy games go to d day. I will say this, d day is a lot of walking...

  • smurfinator22Photo

    I think it looks cooler, people will be saying its a silencer. I think you can get a 16 inch barrel with a insert for apex... I think it is an invert barrel, however, I have no experience with it....

  • fumbimoPhoto

    WOOT, more PRZ pictures 

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