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  • The RecballerPhoto

    What bigx said.  And in a couple years, buy in this order mask (DO NOT CHEAP OUT, cheapest I'd go is a proflex)knee padselbow padshopper tankpackgunpants

  • ChloricNamePhoto

    Savage. Preach bruh,

  • Efry34Photo

    Come join us at CPX Sports on May 3rd for a great day of discounted paintball!  Location:  CPX Sports                 2903 Schweitzer Rd....

  • bigxPhoto
    What marker should I get?

    bigx - Today, 03:53 PM

    The Axe is hypothetically the only marker you will ever need for anything ever it is a tournament ready gun right out of the box. Any "speedball" marker will outshoot any "milsim woodsball mar...

  • bigxPhoto

    No the victor is unregulated the clone is regulated. The clone will have a more consistant shot to shot velocity resulting in marginally better accuracy but more important than that is a clean gun...

  • Cucuzza65Photo

    Ya a lot of people seem to like the empire axe but is it acurate for woodsball and fast at shooting for speed ball cause if rather spend more so I don't hve to but it later or is this good for a be...

  • bigxPhoto
    What marker should I get?

    bigx - Today, 03:31 PM

    Buying used is a great way to save a lot of money on a setup. It could save you a ton of money and you will get much better equipment in the long run. The only thing I recomend buying new is a mask...

  • Cucuzza65Photo

    If rather not get used but if it's in good condition I guess I could go for it and If I were too guess my budgets Is around 500 0r less for all the gear with the mask(kinda want the dye i4) and a H...

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