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  • Pvlacrosse14Photo

    The g5 is fine, but if you have the desire and the money to buy the marker AND still have money to play AND all your other gear is set, then I would upgrade. Personally, I'm a huge bob long fan so...

  • WiiMintPhoto
    On/Off ASA?

    WiiMint - Today, 01:51 PM

    What advantage would you have with it? The ability to make it easier to screw the tank in and out easier. Up to you if it is worth the $20.I agree..

  • WiiMintPhoto

    What should I do?

  • WiiMintPhoto

    Good job Houston Heat! Way to show 'em that you belong in the Champions Division!

  • mehPhoto
    New Loader

    meh - Today, 01:09 PM

    you can get a z2 for 100 bucks on ansgear. worth it imo. 

  • Pvlacrosse14Photo
    Damaged Tank?

    Pvlacrosse14 - Today, 01:08 PM

    Picture? I had something like this and ninja said it was fine, but only because of how small it was. I sent it in to them and they filled it in anyway.

  • Curry PiPhoto
    Damaged Tank?

    Curry Pi - Today, 01:03 PM

    So i have a used paintball tank and it has quite a few chips in the finish. So i sent it in to get hydro tested and it came back with a chip at the top of the bottle neck. I can feel the carbon fib...

  • LUXOR54Photo
    Need some input...

    LUXOR54 - Today, 12:15 PM

    owned i4's for 2 years, never got hit in the chin.

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