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  • KlubPhoto
    The Techpb Gun Club

    Klub - Today, 01:53 AM

    The large majority you read about somebody shooting another person in the back, they are found guilty of something. For me, unless my life or somebody else's life is at stake, it isn't worth i...

  • urockalexPhoto
    Etek 5 vs DM13

    urockalex - Today, 12:52 AM

    Yep Etek 5, or JT Impulse, or axe, or axe pro, but not DM. Last time I went to the field my friend just bought a new DM13 and the solenoid broke, and thats like $150. Plus, you have to clean it a l...

  • WatcherPhoto
    The Techpb Gun Club

    Watcher - Today, 12:39 AM

    Not sure what yall are debating about but if some dude were to pull a knife on me, and threaten my life, regardless of the pocket change, I would probably shoot him. Like I would tell him to leave...

  • urockalexPhoto
    Etek 5 vs JT Impulse

    urockalex - Today, 12:39 AM

    Hey guys, so I recently asked if the Etek 5 is worth the $100 over the Etek 4, and some people were talking about the JT Impulse. I've heard about it, but I don't know how it compares to the Etek 5...

  • urockalexPhoto
    Back at it questions.

    urockalex - Today, 12:34 AM

    Ego 09 for me but I would also look at the JT Impulse which is $499 on ansgear right now and will probably outshoot both of those and comes with all the spare parts and everything.

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    Social Media & Teens

    ChloricName - Yesterday, 11:02 PM

    Yaaaassssssssss Or a lot of deleting. Lots and lots of deleting. so if these posts get deleted, are they still in my post count? Hmmm.

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    Back at it questions.

    ChloricName - Yesterday, 11:01 PM

    Haven't seen any of them Cept Kevin. Weird to see old dudes coming back to check on tech. Yiu know its bad when the Canadian forum hasn't been touched in a long time.

  • FreeEnterprisePhoto

    No lights at all... Only what the players bring. I had a light on my mask to turn on, and one on my gun, and I carried a red light in my pocket. But you wanted to keep them off because it would giv...

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