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  • ClayCallisonPhoto

    Stacked tube is easier maintenance but inline is quieter.

  • Forrest99Photo
    F***ing field paint

    Forrest99 - Today, 10:52 PM

    my field uses this stuff called warpaint. It literally breaks easier than graffiti. Graffiti smells like poo and that's not possible

  • Forrest99Photo
    Tree standing.

    Forrest99 - Today, 10:49 PM

    Dude is a joke. I sure bli11 would 1v1 his ass right kev?

  • kingJurzyPhoto

    Whichever marker feels better in my hands. 

  • Forrest99Photo

    nope, aside from what the 2 main field have. Which is pretty limited. So Internet it is, at least you has a pickle :/

  • Cyk101Photo

    It might just be water trapped between the two lenses. If you're going to toss the lens anyway, I've read that putting the lens in a pillow case and putting it in the drier on a low cycle can get r...

  • andrewthewookiePhoto

    Recballer, chill the fuck out. You pick fights and blow up for the most random shit. This thread is done, sorry OP.

  • Cyk101Photo
    tips for friend

    Cyk101 - Today, 10:03 PM

    If it's that bad, find a bunker his speed will allow him to get to, stay low, keep his eyes up field ( you can dodge paint), and focus on getting in there, not firing down field. Then at least you...

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