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  • andrewthewookiePhoto

    Here's the tech section that BigX mentioned above. http://www.zdspb.com/tech/index.html 

  • P.A.NPhoto
    Shocker Buying Bible

    P.A.N - Today, 12:27 PM

    Thanks Bigx! That probably took a long time to write haha

  • bollen_fanPhoto

    I've made the "jump" several times in my career.  Did i get better?  In some aspects of the game yes.  Did i save money?  kind of, my daily cost to play went down but I played m...

  • bollen_fanPhoto
    NT11 or/vs DM14

    bollen_fan - Today, 09:18 AM

    DM over NT....different actions and completely different feel.  I had both at one time, and the NT is a great marker, but I LOVED the DM, so between the two, ANY DM over the NT.

  • bigxPhoto
    Shocker Buying Bible

    bigx - Today, 12:56 AM

    (Lurker Eigenbolt) (Virtue/Tadao/Predator/Hater Board)(Rhino Spring) Those are the Must Haves along with a nice oring rebuild kit that will allow you to hand fit your orings. You want to be ab...

  • ImmortalPhoto
    NT11 or/vs DM14

    Immortal - Today, 12:20 AM

    The two were meant to be separate not compared.

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto
    NT11 or/vs DM14

    BurningPlaydoh - Today, 12:17 AM

    If youre gonna buy a DM I still think the 9 is the best. No reason to pick an NT over competitively priced markers really. What are you looking for in your next gun?

  • P.A.NPhoto
    Shocker Buying Bible

    P.A.N - Today, 12:13 AM

    I currently own a vapor, which has the same type of bolt as a luxe/shocker, and am looking for possibly a shocker. What should I look for?

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