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  • unfated33Photo
    Etha vs etek4

    unfated33 - Today, 08:28 PM

    Do you like poppet markers or spools - have you had enough experience to know your preference?  Both markers are manufactured by Planet Eclipse, and therefore are going to have equally great c...

  • Gtrman8182Photo
    Etha vs etek4

    Gtrman8182 - Today, 07:47 PM

    I am going to buy one if these markers in two weeks and I don't know which one to get I have felt the etha and it felt really nice and I have not felt the etek 4 but found one for 400$ Before you g...

  • andrewthewookiePhoto

    IIRC the valve o-ring is a 012. No idea about the poppet face unscrewing, but if it doesn't leak it shouldn't matter how beat up it looks. If your jam nut has problems staying screwed in then by al...

  • Curry PiPhoto

    Curry Pi - Today, 04:49 PM

    Officially off my period! My ortho said I can ball up, almost had a heart attack thinking the news was going to be opposite of what i hoped. Thanks though man ^^^ apparently there is a super ugly o...

  • nineteen5Photo

    If your on the us mexico border you should be fine but still check. We're you might run into trouble is trying to come back over into the U.S. we all know the story about the marine so just be sure...

  • AntoniousPhoto

    but compared to antonious were both newbs soooo yea  And now I feel old. Thanks, ya jerk.

  • nineteen5Photo

    I personally like the dye ones but I'm not sure about the watch becuase it depends on the size of the watch. I would never be able to wear my g shock but something smaller would mabye work.

  • nineteen5Photo

    nineteen5 - Today, 02:00 PM

    Damn that sucks. I've never even seen anything that would fit them but I've never really looked into it. I used to have them but before I played football so good luck finding one.

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