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  • imped4nowPhoto

    I own them both. They're both excellent markers and I wouldn't blindly pick one over the other. The Impulse is one of the best stacked tube poppets available, regardless of price. The Axe has an ex...

  • nineteen5Photo
    The car thread

    nineteen5 - Today, 02:39 PM

    I never really liked trucks I'm more of a 2 door guy especially the 2014 Scion FR-S.

  • HarryPhoto
    Empire Axe vs JT Impulse

    Harry - Today, 02:36 PM

    Don't have your mind set on the Impulse too soon. Just wait until you shoot the Axe this weekend and then make your decision. If you start getting your mind set on the Impulse now then there's no p...

  • nineteen5Photo

    Yeah impulse is the way to go. I like it more than the axe in every way.

  • tcheekdyePhoto
    The car thread

    tcheekdye - Today, 02:15 PM

    Nope, technicality. Plus a Tacoma? Really? Not a Ram, not an F series, or a Silverado. I guess to each there own :) Jdm yo

  • tcheekdyePhoto

    Impulse definitely.

  • AustinD83Photo

    Currently, I have a spool valve eNMEy. I'm still relatively new to paintball but I'm wanting to upgrade my gun. I want something that is easy to work on but I'm not stupid and I can read. I want a...

  • Hayden DenhayPhoto
    Paintball and Cold

    Hayden Denhay - Today, 01:28 PM

      I think the coldest i've played in is 75. But I might be going to college in Virginia, so this will be interesting.I lived in VA for 2 years, it doesn't get as cold as you think it does...

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