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  • TK-421Photo
    The car thread

    TK-421 - Today, 12:42 AM

    For fucks sake, would it kill you guys to buy american Last I heard, Tacomas are made in San Antonio. Shouldn't that count as buying American?

  • TK-421Photo
    The Techpb Gun Club

    TK-421 - Today, 12:38 AM

    I think that drilling carbon fiber will be the same as drilling through fiberglass, so if he's done fiberglass without any problems then he should be able to do carbon fiber. It's not hard, you jus...

  • KlubPhoto
    The car thread

    Klub - Yesterday, 10:18 PM

    I had an 84 ford ranger that was a beautifully ugly yellow, somebody took tin snips to the roof and put in a homeade sunroof in it, the aftermarket emissions control stuff would spark sometimes. Bu...

  • The RecballerPhoto
    Paintball and Cold

    The Recballer - Yesterday, 10:14 PM

     I think the coldest i've played in is 75. But I might be going to college in Virginia, so this will be interesting.I lived in VA for 2 years, it doesn't get as cold as you think it does....

  • SeanPB1029Photo
    Bad Solenoid?

    SeanPB1029 - Yesterday, 08:58 PM

    You have a geo? Had. Sold it for a squish.

  • SeanPB1029Photo
    Empire Axe OR Etek 5

    SeanPB1029 - Yesterday, 08:55 PM

    Shot an impulse once. Stock settings and even when shooting at 300 it's buttery smooth.

  • WatcherPhoto
    The Techpb Gun Club

    Watcher - Yesterday, 08:54 PM

    Yeah, I wasn't intending it to sound like manual safeties are bad for everyone (in fact, I suggest first-time shooters use a gun with a safety so they can deliberately ensure nothing happens uninte...

  • SeanPB1029Photo

    Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace

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