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  • nineteen5Photo
    Dye out of business?

    nineteen5 - Today, 07:29 PM

    To me in theWhy can't the Reflex compete? for me it is not on par with the axe or impule let's say. I know those are poppets but with an axe with some bolt upgrades you can get the same smoothness...

  • TK-421Photo
    The Techpb Gun Club

    TK-421 - Today, 07:20 PM

    Thanks for the info! Since I would just be messing around an dinking with it, I plan on getting a 22 Henry for the giggles. I figured that If I wanted a higher caliber, I would get a semi. Thanks f...

  • andrewthewookiePhoto

    Everything I've ever seen on the Reflex shows about an 8 pod average.

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    Efficiency. If Im looking for a tournament marker in that price range I would want one that can shoot more than 6-7 pods personally.

  • andrewthewookiePhoto

    Why can't the Reflex compete?

  • nineteen5Photo
    Dye out of business?

    nineteen5 - Today, 06:56 PM

    I'm just hoping for dye to replace the reflex rail with something that will actually compete with the other 500-600$ priced guns. All it is is a upped rail.

  • TinyBearPhoto
    The car thread

    TinyBear - Today, 06:25 PM

    Was an expensive few months for me in the vehicle department. Due to the injuries to my legs incurred in an accident a few years back (mostly severed left leg an nerve damage to the right)....

  • the  VampirePhoto
    Dye out of business?

    the Vampire - Today, 05:38 PM

    NT16?i dont think the nt's got past 11

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