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  • SCizTheCaptain91Photo

    Hey man, currently own a pair of Dyecam i4's and I used them once in my life. For someone who has a very small face, they provide plenty of protection, but like myself, I needed a mask with more pr...

  • The Rec-Baller 217Photo

    Aren't the Dates for the event June 8-13 2015?

  • tallsmallboy44Photo

    Island style? Why would you want to do this to a Cronus?Hawaiian style* for a smaller form factor or to add a stock.

  • The Rec-Baller 217Photo

    I've played with my I4's for about a full year now... never once have i been hit in the chin. Mostly because if I'm talking or yelling to my team mates I'm shooting keeping the guy in, or I'm be hi...

  • The RecballerPhoto

      Yo Forrest, how does 7th place feel?   Oooooh burn.Feels as good as 13 cups to what your 3? I'm under the assumption you're all talking about hockey in which case... 23 fuckers...

  • Curry PiPhoto

    Curry Pi - Today, 09:35 AM

    Yeah thanks guys there were a lot of things i didn't think about but this was just something i thought about and wanted to know your input. Honestly playing both the biggest reason paintball is bet...

  • Wile.E.Photo

    Great question...it is a week long "event", but it is not required to be there the entire week...it is highly recommended that you arrive by Thursday night in order to get settled and ready for Fri...

  • ClayCallisonPhoto
    Need some input...

    ClayCallison - Today, 06:26 AM

    I need a new mask because my dye i3s are falling apart.  I was offered a brand new pair of i4s with two lenses for $50 but I'm concerned about their lack of protection.  I have tried them...

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