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  • bigxPhoto

    Well, I don't appreciate your sassiness. I dont appreciate your continued existence.

  • Hayden DenhayPhoto

    i am going to mount a contour camera onto an empire e-flex for flagswipes event this weekend, what would be the best way to do that??   I will have a sticky mount  any ideas wou...

  • foxx0440Photo

    bitter sweet to me, those two are my fav teams.. (i know, i also liked the montana's 49'ers, jordan's bulls, valenzuela's dodgers.. you get the picture) if he had come from another team or gone to...

  • CrispyCreamPhoto

    Build one or just go out and buy an Empire Sniperagreed. you can get cheap pieces on ebay but yet its ebay...

  • foxx0440Photo

     I mainly play woodsball or scenario(casual player), my price for the gun is max $200 (the gun only though, not any other equipment). I will not buy used. I also want something with upgradibil...

  • timekeeperPhoto
    Modding Spyders V/A

    timekeeper - Today, 11:17 AM

    Probably, you'd be better off measuring against an older spyder body just to make sure there's enough material for it to seat properly, otherwise, filing will probably work better than hacksaw or c...

  • foxx0440Photo
    JT Proflex lens issue.

    foxx0440 - Today, 08:34 AM

    After ~3 days all the water appears to have evaporated. I still have an extra two back up lenses being sent. It seems to be completely fine now but to be safe I'm switching to the replacement lense...

  • foxx0440Photo

    Knee pads are a must, if on a budget, get some volleyball knee pads from walmart or dick's.. Unless you are superman sliding and playing snake side, you can get away without elbow pads.. I have, fo...

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