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  • ShicklinPhoto
    jt impulse vs ego 11

    Shicklin - Today, 10:26 AM

    First off i know that the impulse is $300 less but ive heard that it is extremely comparable to some of the high end markers.Ive heard that its the best marker on the market for the money. Whi...

  • ShicklinPhoto

    out of the list of questions i have i want to see which one meets the most of those and go with that one so if you could do that that would be greatly appreciated!

  • Corrupted355Photo
    The Techpb Gun Club

    Corrupted355 - Today, 06:32 AM

    Holy shit it's Corrupted, didn't even realize you still knew your password for here. :PI didn't. I guessed and got lucky. Might have to steal that idea B.C has a hog problemBe my guest, but just k...

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto
    proto rail help

    BurningPlaydoh - Today, 05:14 AM

    All "9v" batteries should really be 9.6v.Is that the problem?I guess I kinda worded that weird. A 9v battery being 9.6v isnt special. Any decent brand of battery will be 9.6v because you have to...

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    Only you can decide that. We dont know what YOU value most in your gun.

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto
    Next marker

    BurningPlaydoh - Today, 04:28 AM

    Ego 11 will go longer without being maintained, Impulse will shoot a good deal smoother. Then theres the little things like ergonomics, trigger, etc. being different. You cant really go wrong wit...

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    I like the idea of the hopper behind the gun that PE filed a patent for, it looks like a interesting concept. go on with this. Why would planet eclipse put a patent on a loader? Assuming pe is plan...

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    BurningPlaydoh - Today, 04:26 AM

    Read his post people, he said "without air." To the OP, yes I would try to avoid it.

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