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  • andrewthewookiePhoto

    Basically, Jack Wood and Planet Eclipse believe in guns that work, above all else. Part of that mentality is the ease of teching and maintenance, and they believe that the ability to take the grip...

  • jnorr80Photo
    Macro vs Macro-less?

    jnorr80 - Today, 03:57 PM

    Hey forums,So when I bought my first gun (DP G5) a main driving force in it was price. and then it was the presence of a macro line. I'm kind of an engineer and the reason I don't like macro line i...

  • jnorr80Photo

    I use a DP G5 and i really like it, I've been using it for about 2 years now.  For bolt stick, as with any gun, clean it after you use it. Thats what i do. Even if i only played for a bit, the...

  • jnorr80Photo

    Yeah, i have a NXE pad pack compression (i know it sounds dumb but its what works for me) belt and a vforce profiler. Also, is there any reason why you like the Impulse more than the Etek? 

  • Cucuzza65Photo

    How is this the same question did I even read the names of th threads

  • imped4nowPhoto

    They're all three great markers, I have experience with them all. I prefer the Impulse out of the three but the Etek 5 would be a close second. Personally, I'd get whatever you can get cheapest. Th...

  • PREDATOR 47Photo

    You have 3 threads now. You don't need three threads to answer one question.

  • imped4nowPhoto

    In terms of operating design alone, I prefer the Axe. It will be more efficient, just as gentle (if not more) on paint, easier to maintain, and require less frequent maintenance. While I dislike th...

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