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  • WasabiBoiPhoto

    Holy revival batman.... I specifically signed in just to say you guys weren't even around when this thread was made.  :P

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto
    Sly Profit Visor?

    BurningPlaydoh - Today, 12:27 AM

    The problem is the venting. Ive seen the lens seals fail for them several times too but that could have been user error.

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto
    So I Like A Girl

    BurningPlaydoh - Today, 12:25 AM

    Its easier said than done but dont work yourself up so much over it. Worrying wont help you in amy way and it can only change the outcome for the worse or discourage you from doing it. So what if s...

  • canscomPhoto
    So I Like A Girl

    canscom - Today, 12:09 AM

    Try asking her out using a note or through a text message (even in my head that sounds stupid) I have a hard timme talking to people I dont know ( I get nervious and say really stupid shit ). To me...

  • canscomPhoto

    I tuck my jersey in so it get dumped down the front of my jersey

  • Woodyballer29Photo
    So I Like A Girl

    Woodyballer29 - Yesterday, 11:44 PM

    Here's my dilemma. I like a girl at school. It's my first year ever in a public school (I've been home schooled up until this past September) and I'm finishing up grade 12 and I'll be graduating in...

  • The RecballerPhoto
    Private school dances

    The Recballer - Yesterday, 11:03 PM

    Cash Cash and Tritonal are both Progressive/Electro house.

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    Sly Profit Visor?

    ChloricName - Yesterday, 10:26 PM

    Nope, they do come with thermals. Now the question is, do thermals ever fog. DUH DUH DUNNN.Alex, I am feeling some reasonably priced sarcasm. Roll back the attitude.

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