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  • Viper ScenariosPhoto

    There are few things more annoying or disrupting to a good game that players who didn't take the few minutes necessary to read the rules. Inevitably they end up doing something stupid that can cost...

  • sorawiz23Photo
    Bring me anything

    sorawiz23 - Today, 02:01 PM

    i have a black spyder aggressor with 2 9g co2 tanks, 2 barrels, a 2 pod one hundred round pod pouch and some other things if you are interested for $60

  • vector911Photo
    Girlfriend shopping!

    vector911 - Today, 01:51 PM

    Vice/marq sc, plus a new ninja 68/4500SL tank which is the same size/weight as a 45/45. The mini gs idea with the ninja SL sounds good too. There are tons of axes out there as they fit the bill i...

  • OMGitisZMDPhoto

    Vio/Flexes/Profilers/Grillz/Everything Else He is trying to save money so I have recommended the Proflexes and Profilers - but I also told him not to skimp out on a mask.

  • OMGitisZMDPhoto

    If you're playing anything other than speedball in an environment where air fills are easy and convenient, I'd be tempted to go with a higher capacity tank, like a 68/4500. Small tanks are a pain i...

  • IchBinRiptinyPhoto

    $250 tippmann custom pro... http://cnj.craigslist.org/spo/4412406771.html

  • SOUPPhoto

    SOUP - Today, 01:06 PM

    There is one on nation, the guy refused a $400 offer on it. So I'd say to the right buyer it's worth ~ $400. The oil slicks are becoming pretty hard to get, I'd say the $300 is pretty fair honestly...

  • XGC_CheevoPhoto

    It will work just fine, although generally just marker oil is recommended.

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