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  • BravotvPhoto

    Just threw in a new battery, shoots like a charm, cheers!

  • MogiPhoto
    spoolie advice

    Mogi - Today, 06:47 PM

    ok so ive have decided that my next marker will be a spoolie. problem is that other than my old ion i dont have much experience with them. Right no im looking at a geo 2.1 and dm13 and dm 12. id li...

  • The Rec-Baller 217Photo

    Have you tired a good battery? Ive had a problem with cheap batteries  in my etha with the same thing. If that doesn't work, make sure your eyes are clean.

  • BravotvPhoto

    Hey, so i was using my guntwo weeks ago and it worked just fine, but this time when i aired it up if didn't want to shoot properly. What happends is that then i pull the trigger, the gun doesn't fi...

  • epinemaPhoto

    epinema - Today, 06:02 PM

    Empire Multi Calibre hopper for around 80-100 rounds.  Avoid the GXG pocket hopper like the plague, many people have feed issues with it. Allen Paintball Products make a few 50 round hopp...

  • Curry PiPhoto
    Used Pants

    Curry Pi - Today, 05:41 PM

    Any input on either pair of pants is welcome. Thanks in advance.

  • Curry PiPhoto
    New Scenario type?

    Curry Pi - Today, 05:19 PM

    Makes sense thanks guys.

  • Cyk101Photo
    New Scenario type?

    Cyk101 - Today, 04:54 PM

    When they were using actual muskets, the armies would either line up across from one another and shoot at each other, or hide in the woods and ambush people. Don't know if it applies to paintball,...

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