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  • FL4T4Photo
    WTB Invert Mini Body

    FL4T4 - Today, 12:05 AM

    Looking for an invert mini body in either red (gloss or dust)or black (gloss or dust). Let me know what you got. Thanks

  • BsR_444_Photo
    Good deal or no?

    BsR_444_ - Today, 12:04 AM

    Ok sounds good guys, thanks.

  • kamikazesbyPhoto

    Hello guys, new this forum and just started playing paintball for only a few months. I have some questions regarding paint breaking in the barrel, and whether the length of the barrel has an a...

  • Hitman2513Photo
    Autococker advice (2)

    Hitman2513 - Today, 12:02 AM

    Sorry I'm new to cockers. You can stick a planet eclipse ego frame or a dye ultra lite frame on a cocker? What about an ion or shocker or any other paintball gun's frame?

  • bigxPhoto

    You just called a shocker effecient im slightly concerned lol. As for me its a toss up between the Ton Ton NXT shocker. IE the only shocker I havent owned that I really want and my current Sta...

  • bigxPhoto
    Autococker advice (2)

    bigx - Yesterday, 11:43 PM

    Actually you my friend are wrong you can use an ego frame or a UL frame if you have an MQ2 valve on said cocker although be prepared to spend $300 on just that one part alone. 

  • Hitman2513Photo
    Sly Profit Visor?

    Hitman2513 - Yesterday, 11:37 PM

    I'm sure you'll find an invert 20/20 if you just keep an eye out in b/s/ts try asking around. They weren't very big of a mask because of their price and lack of replacement lenses.

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    Show Us YOUR PUMP!

    ChloricName - Yesterday, 10:57 PM

    Do hit people with it? ;)  I hopefully will be able to make a spyder pump for the giggles but untill then, I got nothing.

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