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  • unfated33Photo

    I really like Lurker's new 2-piece barrel kit that comes with .678, .684, and .690 backs plus 12" and 15" tips.  I would put the J4 Torque still in the pre-release stages - some players have g...

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  • AoSpadesPhoto

    90th Artillery. Wetworkz collab, we own the field.

  • WiiMintPhoto
    Member Map

    WiiMint - Today, 10:28 AM

    Every time I click the Member Map link out of curiosity, it never loads. I tried clicking it and letting it load for about 5 minutes, but I only get the standard grey-camo background. My member tit...

  • WiiMintPhoto
    Tree standing.

    WiiMint - Today, 10:21 AM

    I tried this once and the ref yelled at me for peeing on the tree. LOL

  • WiiMintPhoto

    The only paintball products I buy @ Wal-Mart are the JT 140rd. pods. They're actually really good for $2. They are really durable, they open easily but stay shut, and they have 3 tabs on 3 sides th...

  • WiiMintPhoto
    Paintball guns

    WiiMint - Today, 10:18 AM

    Try for a used high-end marker.. Here's a great place to look: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Paintballbst.1/

  • WiiMintPhoto
    New Scenario type?

    WiiMint - Today, 10:16 AM

    In 2012 I went to a local scenario and one of the worst case scenarios happened after the first reinsertion of the day: My feedneck on my old Spyder fell off ( I still have the Spyder as memorabili...

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