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  • VrycePhoto

    I use a Rotor, but I'm looking at moving up to a Spire. All the high end Loaders are good. The only thing that I don't like about the Rotor is that it's not compatible with reballs. That's straight...

  • unfated33Photo

    If you're buying new, it would seem like the Vmax Plus would be the most economical choice with the added bonus of slighter higher capacity than most loaders.  If you're buying used, it should...

  • ChloricNamePhoto

    I would tell you to search the forum... But I have a pinokio. Others have rotors, spires, and other stuff, used rotors are still great

  • XGC_CheevoPhoto

    You will just need to get a fill nipple and 90 or 45 degree fitting to screw into the adapter block on the back of the marker, then just either use a remote line or remove the 13 ci tank stock and...

  • PaintballKoalaPhoto

    I'm interested in the rotor, virtue,TFX. Please give me some pros and cons about each hopper and which one I should choose. Thank you guys

  • averagepaintballingjoePhoto

    Hi, im new to the paintball world and was thinking about getting the Tiberius t9.1 and adapting it to use a hopper, that being said the 13/3000 tank is too small. I was wondering if anyone could he...

  • Cyco-DudePhoto
    PSI vs. working PSI

    Cyco-Dude - Feb 05 2016 04:25 PM

    a scuba tank is a more economical option though, if you only need air for testing your guns at home in-between games at the field. i just take it with me and fill it at the field when it's running...

  • BigReRePhoto
    PSI vs. working PSI

    BigReRe - Feb 05 2016 02:50 PM

     Yea I need an air compressor that can get to at least 4500. Thanks for answering my question! that's what the shoebox compressor is for. invented by tom kaye of agd fame, it uses a shop...

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