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  • nineteen5Photo
    Barrel Lengths

    nineteen5 - Today, 12:00 PM

    jesus you could charge into enemy lines with that thing :o this reminds me of that scene in brave heart were they have those long sticks to spear the charging horses. Never lose a position again w...

  • unfated33Photo
    do barrel really help?

    unfated33 - Today, 11:44 AM

    Well, I'm going to take a half-step back.  I do remember some tests by user Rntlee that did show an extreme underbore was causing a decrease in shot grouping/accuracy.  However, this was...

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    How I would suggest doing this is looking at colleges you are interested in already based on price, academjcs, location, etc. and then see which ones of those have paintball teams. And see how muc...

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    Overboring and underboring does affect the shot though like for example say the 684 bore isn't working because your shots are curving like crazy because of the bore being too small so you swap to a...

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto
    gun warranty

    BurningPlaydoh - Today, 10:26 AM

    Yes im French and im a proud Frog I can speak well in English but cant write S H I T. thank you for helpHaha, no problem. I would also advise buying from a company other than ANSGear too if you do...

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto
    empire mini gs ?

    BurningPlaydoh - Today, 10:25 AM

    I own an Etha that was purchased by the original owner as soom as they were released: The first major issue was poppet springs failing. There was ome spare inclded in the parts kit but they only l...

  • imped4nowPhoto
    empire mini gs ?

    imped4now - Today, 10:17 AM

    From a design standpoint, the GS is a superior marker to the Proto Rail. You couldn't hand me a Rail for free, sorry. I'd sell it.... To answer the OP, the GS is a fantastic marker out of the...

  • paintball4life 13Photo
    gun warranty

    paintball4life 13 - Today, 09:45 AM

    Yes im French and im a proud Frog I can speak well in English but cant write S H I T.thank you for help

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