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  • shishkabobPhoto

    Hey guys so its been a long while since ive been on here, stopped playing for a few years while I was finishing up school.  However I am almost done now, meaning I should get a job that lets m...

  • bigxPhoto
    Questions about gear!

    bigx - Today, 10:17 AM

    New tanks are in the $140 range. You can get used ones with 3-4 years left on the original cycle for about $100ish  I highly reccomend making a PP account and buying used through eit...

  • Carolus RexPhoto

    In my walle.... oh you mean that kind of condom. Well in my pants pocket of course. 

  • bigxPhoto

    Speedball I drop it at the deadbox woodsball it stays in my pocket. 

  • PREDATOR 47Photo

    I use my swab instead of a barrel sock.That's a bad habit, use a barrel sock.  The pockets on my pants zip up, so they have never fallen out of my pocket. 

  • agentxPhoto

    I just stick mine in my pocket. its easy to wrap the drawstring around the belt loop on my pants and just leave the cover in my pocketBut now I think I will give this a try. As I too have lost...

  • Yankee PaintballPhoto
    please help

    Yankee Paintball - Today, 09:41 AM

    It should be torqued to 25-30  ft lbs. A strap wrench can be invaluable  in many situations and are inexpensive.  This guy has reg tools for $27.50. Ask Santa to bring it for you....

  • SeanPB1029Photo

    Probably a noid problem. I've never hearf of this happening to an axe before though.....

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