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  • The RecballerPhoto
    Paintball and Cold

    The Recballer - Today, 07:22 PM

    "Adventures of a Floridian...."

  • cockerpunkPhoto
    The car thread

    cockerpunk - Today, 07:09 PM

    more sports cars:     and, kill it with fire:

  • cockerpunkPhoto
    The car thread

    cockerpunk - Today, 06:56 PM

    Sports cars: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/39/Triumph_TR6_(2).jpg the above mentioned pontiac soltice and saturn sky as well. 

  • cockerpunkPhoto
    The car thread

    cockerpunk - Today, 06:48 PM

    a sports car is quite simple: smalllight2 seats2 doorsRWDmanual transmissionusually front engined, sometimes mid usually convertible cheap sometimes refereed to as "roadster"  Not a sports...

  • cockerpunkPhoto
    The car thread

    cockerpunk - Today, 06:39 PM

     winter miata is best miata:For fucks sake, would it kill you guys to buy american  when america makes a sports car, i'd be happy to buy american.  inb4 "i have no idea what a sport...

  • HarryPhoto
    Dye out of business?

    Harry - Today, 06:31 PM

    Back to the original topic, DM15s are now $999 new... That's from Dyes website, and they're not on sale either...

  • PREDATOR 47Photo
    The car thread

    PREDATOR 47 - Today, 06:14 PM

    To be fair, a pony car is a subcategory of muscle car anyway. Call them what you want, they're still muscle cars. Also, factor in that the full-size Chargers, Chevelles, and Torinos aren't really a...

  • ImmortalPhoto
    Dye out of business?

    Immortal - Today, 05:54 PM

      They should bring back the Proto Matrix series ... I think the PMR is a steal of a gun for $250PMR=Proto Matrix Rail       It never went away   FYI, just in cas...

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