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  • The RecballerPhoto

    The microfibers were perfectly clean, and I did put the mask in the Dye bag.

  • PBxSwAgPhoto
    Used Pants

    PBxSwAg - Today, 08:58 PM

    Is it worth paying $5 for a pair of ripped jt pants and repair it or just buy new pants?i mean its only 5 bucks so even if it doesnt work out its not a huge loss. i mean it would be a good backup w...

  • PBxSwAgPhoto
    New Loader

    PBxSwAg - Today, 08:56 PM

     I second the pinokio, its kick assThird that. They are the lightest loader and one of or the simplest loader to operate. yes i have heard nothing but good things about the pinokio, but i...

  • Pvlacrosse14Photo

    Why not just store it in the microfiber cloth bag dye provided for you in the box when you purchased your mask, specifically so you store the mask inside to prevent scratching of the lens?

  • PREDATOR 47Photo

    Well, obviously they weren't clean enough. Learn to do laundry?

  • The RecballerPhoto

    The microfibers were just washed the day before.

  • PREDATOR 47Photo

    Any cloth can scratch a lens since forever. Why? Because it can trap dirt, and rubbing any foreign object all over your lens will scratch it up, and the visible effects are amplified on a mirrored...

  • The RecballerPhoto

    Yo Forrest, how does 7th place feel? Oooooh burn.

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