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  • MogiPhoto

    alabaster slim makes some nice videos i love the zoom camera videos alot of the time guys have good video but i have no clues who there shooting at or if they hit them lol 

  • ShadowHunter9Photo

    I live in Arizona and I am trying to find a VForce Provantage for my friend. I have a Profiler and I love it but, he has a smaller face and the mask is more cost efficient. Walmart doesn't carry an...

  • The RecballerPhoto

    My team is predicted to finish last in our conference. We just won our preseason game 45-0.

  • The Bacon ManPhoto

    Turns out my back injury from 6-8 weeks ago might be a stress fracture... waiting on MRI reports now. I'm just really fucking pissed. Came into the season fully prepared, I've been lifting since th...

  • Pvlacrosse14Photo
    Are you kidding me?

    Pvlacrosse14 - Today, 08:21 PM

    Adidas is not riddell. They make different products. Plus making a jersey in a different color will take the same time, but putting custom lettering on the jersey will add an extra step, therefore...

  • MogiPhoto
    Alien invasion 2012 help

    Mogi - Today, 08:16 PM

       Hey guys I just recently got a Alien Invasion 2012 marker for a great deal. The gun works perfectly, but I'm just wondering since the gun has a LPR would it damage the gun to use a hi...

  • MogiPhoto
    High end markers

    Mogi - Today, 08:12 PM

    I know a guy in your situation, waist size is not really your friend when you are that tall lol its not but im more worried about the length from what i can tell the longest inseam for most co...

  • MogiPhoto
    G.T.A woodsball

    Mogi - Today, 08:10 PM

    hey does anyone in the G.T.A have wooded area on there land they want to turn into a field or if you just have land thats not close to anyones property that you wanna make a field for some rec play...

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