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  • JawzPhoto
    Kingman Chasers

    Jawz - Today, 06:07 PM

    Chasers are pretty alright, I don't suggest the holster they sell for it though, if you run with a mag in it the mag release button gets hit and bye bye mad

  • Forrest99Photo
    The blitz

    Forrest99 - Today, 06:07 PM

    No, stick to the pmr, the blitz is a blow back and the pmr is a spooly.

  • JawzPhoto
    The car thread

    Jawz - Today, 06:06 PM

    Sept I'm right and Pontiac is the best there ever will be

  • Biddle95Photo
    The blitz

    Biddle95 - Today, 05:55 PM

    Hey guys ima budget baller and for some reason the Azodin blitz just turned me on for some random weird reason I'm currently shooting a pmr is the blitz worth getting? What modes does it have

  • Old Dude PBPhoto

    There isn't a single answer. The Profiler has the best coverage, especially in the ear and jaw areas. The Proflexes are the most breathable, the least echo-y/boomy, and the most customizable. Proba...

  • epinemaPhoto

    Sorry to do this to you guys but knowledge is key!  Would anyone be able to help me with mask suggestions?  I have a pretty fair idea of what I'm looking for but the range of masks here i...

  • TechPB-WilliePhoto

    Profilers, Pro-Flex, Events but as suggested looking and trying them all on to see which fits and feels the best is really the best option. This is your vision and you do not want to skimp on this.

  • Orange ChickenPhoto

    ^^^That especially(first to give that advice) The best mask you can have is the one that feels the best to you. Do not skimp on mask

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